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Lines of investigation

  • Transmission of electromagnetic signals in biological tissues.
  • The electromagnetic signals definition and characterization of electromagnetic signals, as well as the tissues and target tissues response to their propagation are key in the development of our diagnostic and therapeutic bioelectronic devices. The knowledge acquired through this line of research are implemented in our devices in a continuous way.

  • Biomedical applications of laser technology.
  • Development of various proposals for innovative laser technology as to how to obtain emissions with new concepts of dosimetry combination of physiological mechanisms and applicability in areas of difficult access.

    • Otologic line
    • Skeletal-muscle line
    • Dermatological line
    • Vascular line
    • Line use in conjunction with nanoparticles in selective cytotoxicity

  • Physical Medicine with diagnostic purposes
  • Research into new methods of obtaining, processing and optimization of physical signals for diagnostic purposes, based primarily on applications of MRI, ultrasound, electro physical techniques and mixed media. New strategies and directions in diagnostic tests.

  • Transdermal systems for the administration of active ingredients.
  • Creation of active ingredients administration procedures through the skin using physical techniques based in the use of electromagnetic signals that ease the transport of active ingredients to their target place in an optimized non-invasive way.

Current projects